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Frieda’s Buexe

Frieda's Büxe is located in the basement of an office building not far from Albisriederplatz in Zürich. Founded in 2010 by a collective of DJs, it's no wonder electronic music lovers in particular flock here. A wildly mixed crowd happily hits the dance floor here on weekends into the wee hours of the morning.


Installation information: Main PA: 4 x Outline Mantas 28, 4 x Butterfly C.D.L. 1815 Low-Pack, 1 x Outline LAB 21 SP, RAM DQX-Series Amplifiers, Dolby Lake Prozessor LP4D12. DJ & Live monitoring: 2 x KV2 EX12, 2 x KV2 EX10, 1 x KV2 KX 1.5 Sub, 1 x KV2 SAC2. Fumoir: 4 x KV2 ESD10, 1 x KV2 ES 2.6, Ram S-Series Amplifier, Monitor DJ: 2 x KV2 EX6, 1 x KV2 EX 1.2.

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