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Cova Santa

One of the most exclusive leisure establishments in Ibiza. Exotic gardens full of vegetation distributed on terraces at various levels, large spaces for gastronomy and cocktails decorated in an exotic oriental style, a complete indoor and outdoor party room, and a magical ancient cave 25 meters deep, all of the purest nature.


Exterior: P.A: 2 x SL412, 6 x Sl2.15, 4 x VHD 2.21, 4 x ES1.0, 2 x EX15,5 x ES26, 3x VHD3200, 1 x ESP4000, SL3000 Monitors: 2 x ES1.0, 2 x ES2 .6

Interior : 4 x ESR212, 8 x VHD2.16, 4 x ESD36, 2 x ESR2800, 1 x ESP2000, 2 x VHD3200 Monitors: 2 x EX15, 2 x EX2.5



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